iBooks Textbook over een van de voedende principes van publieke besturing (Engels). Visies en inzichten worden verkend in het perspectief van wetenschap, onderwijs, bedrijfsleven, politiek, kunst, media, financiën en verzekering.

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This publication is about stewardship as part of public governance. In this e-Book – which gradually will be extended the coming months – definitions, views and insights will be explored from the perspective from science, education, business,  politics, management, art, media, finance and insurance. The contributors and authors are hand-picked and respected authorities in their fields. The magazine also contains relevant news and articles from the PRIMO and UDITE network. It is released in the GC Magazine Serie as 1•2 Avant-garde.

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Central questions in this e-book are:

  1. What are the main public challenges – for citizen, society or natural environment – in front of us?
  2. What can stewardship – an ethic (a set of moral principles) that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources – contribute a thorough and solid approach?
  3. Which principles are most crucial and applicable given the challenges?

It is available worldwide in 51 countries. Present pricing is € 1,99. The content will be extended the coming months. The price will gradually increase with the extension of content to € 7.99 (or an equivalent). Once you have bought the magazine all updates are free. So make your early purchase profitable!  Visit iBookstore >