Public Risk

Art Cover 1•1 (768*1024)Deze uitgave (Engels) gaat over besturing en management van publieke risico’s met inzichten vanuit het netwerk van UDITE en PRIMO.

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This edition is focused on public risk in relation to public governance. It explores definitions, views and insights from scientists and practitioners. It contains some relevant articles from the PRIMO and UDITE network from the last five years. It is extended with new articles and art photography. In this e-Book definitions, views and insights will be explored from the perspective from science, education, business,  politics, management, art, media, finance and insurance. The contributors and authors are hand-picked and respected authorities in their fields. The magazine also contains relevant news and articles from the PRIMO and UDITE network. It is released by GC as 1•1 Design.

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Governance Connect (GC) Magazine is a newly developed magazine with as mission: ‘knowledge sharing and partnership for citizen, society and environment’. It focuses on relevant interfaces between politics, management, citizens & society, natural environment, business, science and media related to creating, establishing, managing and safeguarding public values. In fact on the way different ‘players’ within society interact and cooperate. It contains views and insights from public leaders, managers, scientists and advisors, but also from the people in the street.

This first edition is about the design of public governance, in this edition about the way public risk management has developed into its first phase of assuring qualities, realizing targets, reduce uncertainties and finding new roads leading to completely new ways of thinking in management and insurance approach. It is a short kaleidoscope of views in the last five years. It has become clear, that with the present state of society ‘public risk management’ is a crucial factor for good public governance in general. It therefor should never be underestimated as it is more and more regarded as a way to successful plan, projects and implementations.

The editorial team of GC Magazine has the ambition to bring forward relevant stories, which could possibly contribute to a more common improvement and innovation in governing our public domain.

It is co-published by PRIMO Europe (Public Risk Management Organisation in Europe) and is supported by Risk Management Partners (RMP).

All pictures are taken and produced by Louise G.S. Kruf ©.